Our Ethos & Values

At Thongsley Fields, we are a family – living, each day, all the values that a family might uphold and instil. We want the very best for everyone in our school regardless of whether they are a child or an adult; we nurture gifts and talents and closely support those areas of living and learning together that might be that bit harder to achieve.

We do this by recognising and celebrating difference and treating everyone equally with the same respect and care. We listen, aim to know everyone as well as we can and we look after each other. As our expectations are high, we also deliver tough messages that are not always easy to hear or to accept but a very necessary part of growing and developing into being the very best we can be. We extend this way of being to our parents and our local community believing that there is strength in working in partnership and a comfort in knowing that Thongsley Fields is at the hub of the local community.

We actively encourage children and staff to grow as kind, compassionate people who are confident and resilient, working to their potential and are physically and mentally healthy. This we find, makes children and adults very happy to come to our school every day and we enjoy working together and being a positive influence on each other’s lives.