Guiding Principles


We want our pupils to be excited by their learning; inspired by their teachers and experiences; and curious about the world around them.  They will be ambitious for their own futures: knowledgeable and articulate. Our curriculum will help to develop the independent drive and aspiration to achieve more and do better.

Our curriculum is unashamedly 'knowledge rich' – valuing what is known; prioritising the acquisition of knowledge so that our pupils can expand and fulfill their dreams.  Our curriculum is designed to enable our pupils to gain an ever deeper understanding of carefully chosen concepts and exploit links within subjects.

Reading and the daily use of quality texts is prioritised throughout the curriculum.  Pupils’ are expected to read widely and regularly, including about and within the subject content being taught.

Curriculum Organisation

The sequence of learning throughout our curriculum is carefully considered and layered so that knowledge and skills are developed systematically.  Subject specific knowledge and skills, in line with the requirements of the National Curriculum, are taught explicitly and discretely.  A large proportion of our units of learning are planned to culminate in clear, demonstrable outcomes.

Use the links below to discover what this looks like for each year group.  We also issue curriculum newsletters each term providing a little more detail to help parents support and better understand their child's learning.

Use the links below to find out more about each curriculum or subject area taught in our school.
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